By George, I Think He’s Got It!

And so the streak begins…

I had the threat of training wheels being out back on at work this week. I knew I was not only struggling, but that I was letting t get to me, Nd the comment from my boss pissed me off just enough to make sure I was going to do something about it.

And today, I accomplished that goal. It wasn’t the two piece that I wanted, but I finally got two days in a row with a sale, and while I still haven’t made it for that two piece, getting a string started where I feel like I finally know what I am doing on a day to day basis to make this work was all the more gratifying…especially since I didn’t completely believe it was going to happen for me so soon. All the positive thoughts were there, but I honestly felt like since I had at least increased my frequency of days with sales this week, it might still be not too painful if I got a zero today…making it two days in a row that I closed one out though made it feel like I was really on track for what I want to improve on so that I can get promoted as quickly. Apparently that sense of direction and urgency is playing out, since the guy that trained me started talking about me promoting possibly as soon as July first, which would be a full month ahead of the original projection we had talked about only a week ago.

How nice it feels when you can believe in yourself, and other people believe in you, and it all starts to feel like not only is it coming together, but it’s picking up more steam than you thought it would, and you begin to catapult into the reality of the dream you set yourself up for…


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