Moving Monstrosity in Motion

So why is it on one of the two days that I have planned for packing that every complication imaginable has to materialize? All of a student the friend who has been staying with me is having guests over to my apartment, and all attempts to try and start organizing things and get them ready for the move are made incredibly complex. I was on a good roll yesterday when I was organizing some files, but now it seems that for every task i take on, the mess just seems to get bigger, and for every box that I empty out, I have less boxed to use for packing my move. I am supposed to go down to see L’s place tonight, but that has already been a three day postponement, and the coordination of our meeting today has been complicated by the baseball game, a friend that she needs to help with their car, and my phone’s coverage currently being more spotty than a Dalmatian.

What would be really nice would be if the people that were present would either help me get things organized or get the hell out of my way. Instead, there are an increasing amount of dishes to clean, more obstacles to move around, and more things that “need ” to be used instead of be packed. I am really getting ready to just start pulling out the funk attitude again and make everyone else feel REALLY uncomfortable so they scatter and I can do what needs to get done.


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