Just when you think it can’t get (insert adjective here), it does…

So I’d like to think that this applies when things are going well to…

Unfortunately for me, the crap continues to pile up and I just don’t know when it will stop. I have roughly $260 to my name, which might, just might be enough to dig a hole deep enough to crawl into.

I am considering getting a “pod” which would then leave me not enough money to get a flight to Detroit, where my friend deb says I can get a job waiting tables fairly quickly. I am afraid to ask the few friends left that I have here in Denver for any help since I don’t feel right asking for their help after they have either already been so good to me or I am sure that my ask would create a rift.

There are jobs out there, but so far none of them that are considering my résumé as anything serious.

I am more and more at wits end very day. I can’t remember the last night I slept soundly or though the night. I am tired all the time. I am sick of this…


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