Side by Side

Yes I am stealing from the great composer, Stephen Sondheim . But it goes without saying that I do have some really great friends…

One of those great friends got me out of the house, and got me to have a GREAT time at the casino, a place that I normally do not go to or particularly think of as a good time. The fact that I was up about $100 by the end of the night I am sure helped, but more important was the good company. It helped me realize how much I enjoy being social, and how little I have been social and about town, really for a number of years. Either I have not been a position to be social like I would like to be, or I have been in a relationship unhealthy enough on some level that I either didn’t want to (or perhaps was too ashamed to) be out for public consumption.

I think it is high time that I start returning to the type of me that I remember once made me so happy, and that incidentally led me to be in the company of the kind of people I wanted to have in my life. I would normally say that I am still right now not in a position to be going out on the town, but there is also a part of me that feels like a Wednesday night just might be a good night for a warm up, and there’s a new bar in town that I’ve heard good things about. There’s also that extra hundred bucks that I hadn’t planned for that I “earned” , not that I’ll spend it all in one place, and not that I’m sure there aren’t better places for me to be spending it, but I think at least a little bit of that money would be well spent on finding an old friend: me.


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