Ominous Outing

So if there’s anything I hate more than moving, it’s helping someone else move. Karma being who she is though, it seems every time I volunteer (yes I volunteered to help) for this Herculean effort of kindness, I end up doing it for someone that packs the same way I do: not at all.

I did resolve this time though that I would be helping MOVE. Not packing, not coordinating, not troubleshooting, and I think this by default, completely off the hook for bringing the emotional glue-stick.

God I hate moving…and I know there’s a lot of other things I NEED to be doing. But Karma likes it when you pay it forward too…so I am bracing myself, packing a lite self preservation kit of Inge I can occupy myself with while packing and organizing and emotional meltdowns are going on. Then I will carry boxes, load truck / car / whatever, and console those that are falling apart…

Damn…can I ever get out of having to supply the emotional glue stick for one of these things?

So I will try to hold firm, because I am in crisis a bit lately too. But I will help too…and hopefully no balances will be tipped today…


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