Ironic Karma Moment

Congratulations Mark Ferrandino!

I know I say so often that Karma never needs help, but every once in a while, Karma really gives one back to the good guys.  Today, after winning another term in the state legislature, Mark Ferrandino was elected Speaker of the House.  All of this is accomplishment in and of itself.  While Mr. Ferrandino can rest on many laurels and accolades, there is an ironic note to add to this newest moment in his impressive career of service.  As an openly gay legislator in a typically conservative climate, Mark Ferrandino has sponsored the House bill to legalize civil unions in Colorado each of the past two years.  Last year, his testimony and passioned campaigning to support this bill helped to create a situation in which passage of the bill seemed inevitable.  That was when the then Speaker of the House, a Republican, single handedly stalled action on the house floor, and prevented the bill from being heard. The bipartisan commentary on how inappropriate these actions were was viral, and it was somewhat evident that there would be backlash, which was felt when Republicans lost their majority in the House on Tuesday.  It has already been agreed that the Civil Unions Bill Mr. Ferrandino is again sponsoring will be fast-tracjed in January.

How appropriate that a champion of doing what is right will get the chance to let his own gavel fall on a piece of legislation that is now much overdue.  I hope I can be there to support not only a bill that impacts my own life, but to honor an individual who clearly deserves to have a moment like this.